Brand Trust

Brand trust is undoubtedly a partial aspect of the success of these global companies:

Trust and Power

The concepts of trust and power are related in content. An interview with the German politician Mr. Hans Christian Ströbele could show this very well:

Trust in the Press

A study by Hanitzsch (LMU Munich) et al. explores the trustworthiness of the press:

Victimization and Trust

A cross-national study by Näsi (University of Helsinki) et al. discusses the relationship between victimization and trust:

Trust and Communication

The relationship between trust and communication in the service sector is analyzed in a book by Woischwill (Free University of Berlin):

Humor in Teams and Trust

Links between perceived humor in teams and trust are discussed in a study by Tremblay (HEC Montréal):

Trust and Tourist Destinations

Trust-relevant aspects in the context of tourist destinations are explored in a study by Artigas (Universidad de Santiago de Chile) et al.:

Instragram Stores and Trust

A study by Che (Hong Kong Baptist University) et al. explores the trustworthiness of Instagram stores:

Complexity of Trustworthiness

A publication by Lucas (University of Southern California) et al. emphasizes the complexity of evaluated trustworthiness:

Trust and Cognitive Dissonance

A study by Timming/Perrett (University of St Andrews) explores communication of trust and cognitive dissonance: