Practical and Communicative Trust

Specific characteristics of practical and communicative trust are discussed in a monograph by Hartmann (University of Lucerne):

Generalized Trust

The problem of generalized trust is explored in a study by Delhey (Jacobs University Bremen), Newton (University of Southampton) and Welzel (Leuphana University Lüneburg, Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg):

Neighborhood Context and Trust Gap

A study by the University of Missouri discusses the influences of neighborhood context on trust gaps:

Trust and Interaction

An article by Larson (University of London) et al. published in medical journal 'The Lancet' emphasizes the importance of interaction and a process of dialog in establishing trust:

Trust and Stereotypes

Links between trust and stereotypes are explored in a study by Eckel (University of Texas) and Wilson (Rice University):

Trust and Information

The importance of trust-relevant information in the context of situations of uncertainty is discussed by Janssen, Schoel and Stahlberg in a book project at the University of Mannheim:

Dimensions of Definitions of Trust

An epistemological study of the various dimensions of definitions of trust by Fink, Harms and Moellering: