Online Interactions and Trust

A study by Sabatini (University of Rome, LCSR) and Sarracino (STATEC, LCSR, GESIS) discusses links between online interactions and trust: 

Hurricane Sandy and Trustworthy Media

Specific preferences of trustworthy media in the context of Hurricane Sandy are discussed by Burger (Rutgers University, Vanderbilt University) et al.:

Online Health Communication and Trust

Trust-relevant aspects in the context of online health communication are explored in a study by Sillence, Hardy and Briggs (Northumbria University):

Unfaithfulness and Faces

A study by Rhodes, Morley and Simmons (University of Western Australia) discusses links between supposed unfaithfulness and face perception: 

Trust and Age

An article by Taylor (University of California, Los Angeles) et al. published in science journal PNAS emphasizes the relevance of age differences on perceived trustworthiness: