Online-Reviewers and Trust

A study by Xu (Elon University) explores the trustworthiness of Online-Reviewers:

Smiles and Trust

Links between smiles and trust are discussed in a study by Centorrino (Stony Brook University) et al.: 

Evaluation of Trustworthiness

An article by Freeman (New York University, Dartmouth College) et al. published in Journal of Neurosciences emphasizes the speed of evaluated trustworthiness:

Communication Skills and Trust in Oncologists

A study by Hillen (University of Amsterdam) et al. discusses links between communication skills and trust in oncologists:

Trust, Calculativeness, Relationships

The relationship between trust and calculativeness is explored in a text by Möllering (Jacobs University Bremen):

Texting and General Trust

Links between texting and general trust are discussed in a study by Kobayashi (University of Tokyo) and Boase (University of Toronto):