Perceived Trustworthiness and Sexual Orientation

Links between perceived trustworthiness and sexual orientation are discussed in a study by Russell (University of Texas at Arlington) et al.:

Gender-specific Trust Dynamics

A study by Haselhuhn (University of California) et al. discusses links between gender and trust dynamics:

Seminar "The Digital Self"

Communication of trust has relevance here too:

Media-Source Preferences and Trust

Links between media-source preferences and trust are discussed in a study by VanderMolen (Edelman, Chicago) et al.:

Viral Advertising and Trust

A study by Cho, Faber, Huh (University of Minnesota) analyzes the trustworthiness of viral advertising (sender trust, advertiser trust):

Displacement and Generalised Trust

Long-term links between displacement and generalised trust are explored in a text by Laurence (University of Manchester):